Training As A Spiritual Practice

Paul the apostle often uses the metaphor of an athlete training. He even talked about keeping our body fit since it is the temple of God.

Recently, I was drawn into a conversation with another editor who has strongly conservative religious views. Yes, I know, his bad luck or timing. But I mentioned meditation and that a side benefit relates to neuroplasticity of our brains. Even as we age, we can do things to maintain healthy, growing brains. He was shocked.

Yes, we train our brains with the food we eat, by learning new languages, through practicing a musical instrument, by reading, through experiences of travel.

Just as we should train our bodies with movement, weight lifting within our capabilities, stretching and strengthening through something like Yoga or Tai Chi, and getting sufficient sleep.

We train spiritually through serving others, meditating, reading books oriented toward spiritual growth, developing relationships.

It all works together as we live in the Dominion of God.

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