Prepare Yourself

Yesterday, I discussed John Wooden’s cornerstones of success–industriousness and enthusiasm. I told you that the only impediment between those characteristics and attitudes is you.


Sometimes we do have to look at our own processes to see where the impediment truly lies.

We all have a rhythm to our days. I write better in the morning. It is best if I rise early and after some meditation and coffee (or the other way around) begin writing. My afternoons are not good for that kind of productivity. If I don’t get done in the morning, then I struggle with the afternoon. I can have another creative peak in the evening. Then I need to go to bed early.

You must discover your rhythms. They will be daily. And also weekly. Perhaps even seasonal.

A huge contributor to energy throughout the day is nutrition. Discover the correct foods for the time of day. A lunch too large will destroy the afternoon. Dehydration slows thinking.

And get outside to walk or run or cycle. Exercise plus outdoors boosts energy and creativity.

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