Faithful and Wise

Toward the end of Matthew’s story of Jesus (chapters 24-25), he tells of Jesus having a battle of wits with the various factions of Jewish religious and secular leaders in the Temple courtyard. He gathers his followers to leave for the evening and remarks about how the Temple will be totally destroyed.

The thought shocked his followers (although it came true in 70 AD) and they asked about the Day of the Lord (or End of the Age, or Coming of the Son of Man).

I quit being a student of eschatology many years ago. You can take whatever view of the various obscure writing you’ve wish with tribulations and raptures and stuff.

However, Jesus did leave us with instructions.

He first talked about watchfulness. I would call that awareness today. Like Anthony deMello’s book, it’s about being awake.

Then Matthew gives us three stories about the topic. Sort of like when Luke put three stories together about being lost and then found. These are stories of what we do while the Master is away in anticipation of his return.

The story of the faithful and unfaithful servants; the story of the 5 wise and 5 foolish bridesmaids; the story of the talents (or huge amounts of money).

In the age between when Jesus ascended and physically left Earth and the time when the Son of Man comes (end of times) we are to live in a certain way. This is, of course, applicable to us.

The wise servant does his job with energy and humility. He treats others well.

The wise bridesmaids were prepared and watchful. They thought ahead and planned for the wait.

The wise servants were industrious going out to do their jobs growing the wealth of the master.

In our spiritual formation, therefore, we should be doing our work in God’s Dominion (Kingdom) with energy, humility, industriousness, and thoughtfulness. Doing what is good and wise. We must avoid being lazy, self-centered, self-indulgent.

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