I Am Responsible For

That is the correct response. The one we are looking for when you’re asked “What do you do here?” Or as I often ask when I’m interviewing someone, “What is your role here?”

Jim Collins wrote several business books based upon solid and extensive research. Among these are Good to Great, Built to Last, How the Mighty Fall.

The researchers discovered that when a new leader comes in the first thing–before vision or mission or any of that sort of thing–is to assure the right people are filling the important seats at the table.

One of the characteristics of the right person is that they define their role by recognizing their responsibilities not as a job with a title.

“I am responsible for designing products to meet customer needs.”

Or, “I am responsible for sales.”

Maybe in your organization it’s “I am responsible for cleaning and straightening and making the environment welcoming.”

Adopting the right terminology helps us achieve the right focus.

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