Thinking About Thinking

Drawing is a form of thinking.

I wrote that in my notebook a few weeks ago. I had been reading something or listening to someone.

Recently a young person texted me using complete sentences (3), noun/verb agreement, punctuation, every word spelled correctly. And it made sense.

I don’t see that in 50% of the correspondence sent from people with college degrees and responsible jobs.

We become sloppy and careless in thinking things through. We forget we are trying to communicate. Clear thinking helps communicate.

When I am interviewing someone who has thought out what they are explaining to me, I make notes in a mind map. By drawing the relationship of thoughts, I can see the meaning more clearly. Then when I write an essay drawn from the conversation, I can explain better.

Even when studying spiritual texts, it is helpful to draw a mind map or even an outline. A couple of years ago I was preparing to teach on the letter to the Romans. I drew a mind map. The logic of Paul’s thinking stood out clearly.

Maybe if we thought more and posted less…

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