When We Overreach

“My son is coming down to your area to attend college. He’s an excellent soccer referee. He once was an assistant on a pro game. I’m a director in the referee program in my state. Assign him to some good games.”

I wind up communicating with parents more than kids at times as I work with the soccer referee program in my area. I expect to work directly with the person I’m trusting to go out and officiate a game. But mommy and daddy still want to make sure the path is paved for their kid.

The above communication, slightly embellished, happened with the parent of a college student. He communicated with me. Game assignments went through his emails, not his son’s. His 18-year-old college student son could not be trusted on his own to find and contact the assignor and request games. And I’m supposed to trust him to work a game?

The son? He could have been OK, but he lacked maturity. Fizzled out after a couple of years.

Wonder why.

So, I am not shocked by this major university admissions scandal where prominent parents are supposedly buying university admission for their underachieving (but precious, I’m sure) children.

If true, they stole opportunity from deserving students.

What do these kids learn?

Go help someone grow up.

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