Wake Up

For most of my life, I have been a Methodist or United Methodist. Dad once told me that I was fourth generation Methodist.

When I was a youth, we were “strongly suggested” to sign a pledge card saying we would never drink an alcoholic beverage. The Methodist Church was historically a temperance church.

Now…we have pastors drinking Jack Daniels…

When I was young, a man who divorced his wife could not remarry in the church nor be in leadership.

Now…men who have divorced wives in order to have the latest model not only are remarried in the church, they are serving in leadership roles…

I’m not saying this is bad. In fact, as a general rule, there is good in this.

This week, a special gathering of the United Methodist Church’s governing group, the General Conference, came together to decide how to work out a way for two diverse groups with tightly held opinions on the role and status of homosexual people to live together.

Looking at history…

Although many use words such as love, forgiveness, and God, they often are like the fish in the ocean. “Pardon me, I am searching for the ocean. Can you help me find it?”

Then one day they awaken. They become aware of God and of love and of forgiveness. Opinions are jettisoned. And they cease to speak. They’ve awakened.

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