It’s A Lifestyle

Marie Kondo is all the rage right now. She even has a TV series. Simplify, organize, bring joy.

Similar to the book Make Time that I just reviewed. Instead of scurrying around trying to check off the most items from your todo list, make sure you focus on one important thing every day. Perhaps if you finish that, you might have time for a second.

Another book traveling a similar path is Essentialism: The Disciplined Pursuit of Less by Gregory McKeown.

Thinking about these ideas leads to an inescapable conclusion. None of these consist of simple checklists. These are all lifestyles.

Similarly we can think about diets. A “diet” to lose weight works only in the short term. We all know that. I was astonished to learn that people are on keto diets now. When I was introduced to the concept, practitioners were cautioned to do this intermittently. Raising ketone levels (yes, they do burn fat) has many deleterious effects on the body. Diet, rightly considered, consists of a balanced nutritious blend of essential elements for sustaining a fit life–a balance of carbohydrates and fat for energy and protein to build cells. Oh, it’s actually a lifestyle of nutritious eating.

Then I thought more deeply. Take this following Jesus thing. This also does not consist of a checklist of things to do. Nor is it the simple repeating of a mantra–“I believe, I believe.”

Rightly considered, following Jesus is a lifestyle. Like the old folk song “I have decided to follow Jesus…”, we make the decision and then we live the lifestyle.

And like all of these examples, often we get it wrong. But the times we get it right are satisfying and joyful. And the more we practice, the better we get.

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