Settling The Monkey Brain

Sometimes thoughts just tumble through our brain like clothes tumbling in the dryer. We sit and try to concentrate on a book or even a TV show (which is designed for distraction) and our attention jumps from one thought to another. Usually totally disconnected from each other.

The meditation practice I was first taught involved not-trying to still those thoughts. “Just let them flit in and out of consciousness while minding to your breath.”

The “goal” if you will was enlightenment. When the thoughts fade away, the monkey brain ceases chatter, and God speaks. That can happen. Millennia of spiritual pilgrims have experienced it.

However, recently I heard a teacher describe the chatter as the brain working out its storehouse of thoughts and settling issues within itself. Sort of like letting worry resolve itself when we realize we are all uptight over the wrong things.

Decades, or even months, of practice of slowing down will have an effect discernible to those around you. Life slows. The constant jumping to conclusions begins to fade.

And even after 50 years of practice, I still must sit in quiet, relax, concentrate on breathing, and let the monkey brain work out its chatter and become quiet so that I can continue the day’s work.

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