Sin—An Equal Opportunity Employer

Sin and stupidity know no bounds of politics, race, gender, or whatever.

Picking up a little news during my busy week, I chanced upon the turmoil of Virginia politics. Seems that top three elected Democrats are scrambling to defend themselves against late adolescence stupidity and sin. Then the Republicans choked on their chortling when the same stuff became public about the top Republican office holder.

Billionaires not to be excepted, there was news about Jeff Bezos and photos and lawsuits. How could someone rich and successful put himself in such a position that photos could be taken of inappropriate behavior? I guess there is business intelligence and then there is emotional and social intelligence, which sometimes don’t meet.

It is best to try to keep our own lives in order, something plenty hard to do. Pointing at one or another group of people gets us nowhere. Soon enough, the finger gets around to pointing back to us.

Spiritual writers of all traditions and eras of history shared the insight that none of us are perfect. And that we are better served looking after ourselves. What was it Jesus said about the speck in the other person’s eye and the log in our own?

Before you make that Facebook re-post about someone else’s failures proving the other side is bad, maybe you should thank God that none of your adolescent (or more recent) photos have popped up on Instagram.

One Response to “Sin—An Equal Opportunity Employer”

  1. josephruizjr Says:

    I live in Richmond it’s been quite something to watch and experience! Sometimes it’s almost surreal. Good advice today.

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