Do Not Be Tricked By Average

Do not wade across a river with average depth of four feet.

What do you think when historians or anthropologists say that humans of a certain era lived for an average of, say, 30 years? Since many died before age 2, some most likely lived beyond 70.

When you read in mainstream media about an average Christian, do you know any?

What makes an average?

Some merely say they are Christian.

Some hold others to a certain set of rules of behavior.

Some even hold themselves to a set of rules of behavior.

Some proclaim a set of beliefs.

Some live out a life trying to follow Jesus.

This list is not exhaustive.

People reflecting this variety of beliefs and practices cannot be blended into a homogeneous batch of humanity.

I doubt that any phrase attempting an average Christian has any believability. It reflects an idea, and a poor one at that. In reality, average does not exist.

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