Be Content With Today

Let’s do a “thought experiment.”

I come to you today and give you a million dollars. And a beautiful 5,000 square foot house (mansion). And a shiny new Lamborghini.

And you move in and live there for a time.

Then I return and take it all back leaving you just exactly where you were when we began.

How would you feel?

You would not feel the same as you did at the beginning. You would, in fact, feel worse even though your circumstances would be the same.

Which is why ancient wisdom sages from the ancient Hebrews (Proverbs, for example), the Stoics, and Jesus all taught that we should live in the moment and be happy there.

Perhaps good fortune comes our way. Then perhaps we lose it all, even our lives. We should appreciate the day and live in the moment. As the winds of life blow us one way and then the other, we can maintain stability and peace. It’s not deep theology. “Hey God, it’s you and me, right?”

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