Three engineers were riding in a car. The car stopped suddenly.

The mechanical engineer says, “I distinctly heard a clunk sound just before the car stopped. I bet it’s the transmission. We’ll just have to wait for a tow truck.”

“Just a minute,” says the electrical engineer. “There was a flicker in the instrument cluster just before the car stopped. It is probably short in the wiring. Let’s just troubleshoot the wiring before we take drastic measures.”

However the Microsoft engineer looking much more calm than the others suggests, “Let’s just try getting out of the car, closing the doors, opening the doors, and getting back in. It’ll probably start then.”

[apologies for an old joke]

When our cable TV receiver acts up, we just unplug it, count to 20, plug it back in, and let it recycle through the startup.

When our WiFi access point seems clogged up, we just unplug it, count to 20, plug it back in.

Most likely at least once a day we also need to unplug, count to 20, and then re-engage.

Maybe every month we need to unplug for a longer period.

Maybe every year we need to unplug for a week or two.

I don’t mean just from electronics, but that, too. Just unplug from the daily routine and recharge.

  • Take a long walk
  • Get a massage
  • Take a day and visit a lake or woods or beach
  • Go to a library or coffee shop, settle in with a cappuccino and read something totally different
  • Visit someone you’ve been meaning to see

Then, refreshed, go back to making things happen.

[That counting to 20 thing? It is not mystical. It just allows for plenty of time for the capacitors in the circuit to all discharge.]

One Response to “Unplugging”

  1. josephruizjr Says:

    Good advice. Thank you.

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