When our enemies are about to kill us, they do not ask what kind of Christian we are. They just ask if we are Christian. Why, then, do we Christians spend so much energy fighting against each other? (My paraphrase from Albert Tate’s report of an audience between the Pope and Evangelical leaders.)

I scan the podcast universe for good teachers. Good meaning they will expand my knowledge and understanding.

Albert Tate, a black pastor from Southern California, spoke at Willow Creek last weekend teaching on 1 Corinthians 12–the body that is the church. He relayed this story from the Pope.

Consider that thought from the Pope (I’m not sure if John Paul or Benedict).

I live in what people on the coasts would call the Bible Belt. In my county of about 60,000 people, there must be 100 churches. On any given Sunday perhaps 20% of the population is in church. And that is The Bible Belt!

And just try to get all 100 churches to get along. Long ago when I was involved with the Church League softball league, it was hard to get agreement about ground rules for the league let alone anything really meaningful. (There was a woman who I wanted on our team. Several churches didn’t like the idea. But then when she, playing outfield, threw out a guy running home, well, that surprised a few!)

Just think of the difference we would make in the world if all 100 churches operated as the one body of Jesus like Paul describes in chapter 12 using the love he describes in chapter 13.

“What a wonderful world it would be.”

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6 Responses to “Community”

  1. David Says:

    The church might even set an example to our politicians Gary.

    • Gary Mintchell Says:

      Thanks for the thought David. I pray big, audacious prayers at times, but I never thought about something that big ;-).

      • David Says:

        Our politicians in the UK seemed to be determined to rip each other to pieces instead of working together to do their best for our country regardless of political party!

        But you have challenged me on the way that the churches in our area do not generally work together – other than ministers meeting periodically over a cup of coffee.

      • Gary Mintchell Says:

        Same in the US. It seems as if no one has the courage to step up and lead forward. My Congressman is only interested in one thing—beating the other side. I don’t call that leadership.

      • David Says:

        Me neither Gary. After the Brexit vote debacle yesterday the leader of the main opposition party has tabled a vote of no confidence in our prime minister. I don’t seeing anything that remotely resembles leadership in our parliament.

      • Gary Mintchell Says:

        I saw that. Hope they work something out. It’s all crazy everywhere these days.

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