People Are Simply Amazing

I talk with people at times about being a disciple of Jesus. Then, I run across stories like this one.

Part of my day is devoted to scanning hundreds of news sources. These are mostly in my field of technology, but some are political news or other generally useless items.

I couldn’t read more than the headline and lede, but it was enough. Enough, that is, to send me running back to studying physics rather than people.

Where do some Christian people go for values education?

Seems this guy is a pastor of a Christian church. Gained some notoriety by praising the guy who shot up a bar that was a noted hangout for gay people. The shooter killed many people.

Pause to consider.

A Christian (or at least someone who self-identifies as one) praises killing innocent and unsuspecting people.

OK, back to the story.

Seems this pastor was recently fired from his job. The reason? Not for advocating killing people he doesn’t like. No. It was for being caught hiring prostitutes (I quit reading, but I assume they were female–male ones would have been too ironic).

Killing? OK. Sex? Not OK.

I know this from many sources, but let’s just check the beginning chapters of Paul’s Letter to the Romans. We all have the capacity for sin. For thinking and doing bad things.

Pointing fingers at other people’s sins or rejoicing when tragedy strikes people we don’t like should be a signal to pause and reflect on our own shortcomings. Of which I have many. Just ask my wife… 😉

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