Beware the Yeast

Jesus warned us once, “Beware the yeast of the Pharisees…”

Yeast is a little thing that infuses the entire dough changing entirely the bread that emerges from the oven.

The Pharisees were teachers who had developed a curriculum that included memorizing 600+ rules and then following them in your life.

The game they played was Gotcha.

They watched people only to pounce–“Gotcha, you broke rule 562. You’re going to hell.”

We know modern Pharisees.

The point isn’t to worry about them. They’ll do what they do. They will get their reward. Just shrug them off.

The point is for us to watch within us for signs of the yeast of the Pharisees growing in us.

When did I point a finger (maybe only metaphorically) at someone and condemn them?

When did I say something about someone judgmentally?

Better–when did I catch myself about to say something and then stopped?

If my resolution this year is to be a better person, then what better way to start?

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