Never Stop Learning

A sad person to come across is one who has stopped learning.

A wise person whom I have long since forgotten proposed the inoculation theory of education. You have a little introduced into your system and then you are immune from it for the rest of your life.

Sadly, too many people resemble that remark.

Every day there is something new to learn.

Read with curiosity looking for the new insight.

Avoid “group think” and read contrary views.

When I was 20, I read an argument of Karl Marx’s about how the Industrial Revolution has caused an alienation of humans from their work. No longer craftsmen, humans became cogs in a machine of production.

150 years down the road, we still have a lot of that.

I’ve outlined a book bringing that idea forward. I think the first sentence will be “when everyone else thinks x, then it is time to consider y.” I will continue to learn how humans are employing their brains and hands to develop things. We don’t have to be cogs. There is a new way.

Ask why. Read a book or ten on the subject. Ask why about each of them.

Ask why about God. Then study and meditate. And ask why some more. It’s not sacrilegious. God gave us the facility. If we want to learn more, then we have to ask more.

Make it not a New Year’s Resolution. Make it a way of life.

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