We hurry through December hurtling into Christmas.

Christmas Day is now behind us. Time to hurry into New Year’s Day. Or Eve. With the parties, contrived or real.

Maybe we pause amidst the football of the week to compose a list of Resolutions.

We want to be better.

If we accomplished the Resolutions, perhaps we would be better. Healthier. Stronger. Smarter. More popular.

Then we get into the hurry of the year.

The gyms after being packed for the first two or three weeks of January will return to normal as people return to old habits and forget their resolutions.

This is a good time to pause. Reflect on the past year. Determine our opportunities for the new year.

Pick one habit to replace an old one.

Maybe I add one food to my normal diet and replacing a sugary food.

Maybe I join a fitness class that I’ll actually go to as I build a habit of health.

Maybe I get up 15 minutes earlier and read something refreshing for the spirit or nourishing for the mind.

Maybe I replace hurry for creative pauses.

I hope Christmas was good for you. Pause and enjoy. Then go on.

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