Don’t Be Late

The “Chipmunks” sang, “Hurry Christmas, don’t be late; we’ve been good, but we can’t wait.”

As I remember Christmas Eve when a child, it was the cruelest of days. There were a few presents under the tree. We’d sung carols at church. We were ready for Santa Claus to come with many more presents. He was almost here, but not quite.

In the moment between expectation and realization is the waiting.

Waiting needs patience. Few children exhibit that discipline.

We grow up and many adults never matured to learn patience.

It’s that gap between what we think we know and what is real.

Savor the moment. Tomorrow comes and then the next day and the feeling passes.

But today, it’s about expectation.

One Response to “Don’t Be Late”

  1. josephruizjr Says:

    Merry Christmas Gary!

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