Memento Mori Remembering Our Mortality

The ancient Stoics taught memento mori or remembering our mortality.

Young people often have no thought of their mortality and place themselves in reckless situations. But those who are wise know that any day can be the last for us or those close to us.

In the last two weeks, three people ranging from family to acquaintance to community member died suddenly and young.

These events should awaken us to the fact that all of us are mortal and we could die any day.

That just means that we should be living a day at a time. Don’t let this day go by thoughtlessly.

Christians are now in the season of Advent. A time of waiting with anticipation and expectation. We live each day with hope and yet at the same time remember our mortality. It is in this dynamic tension that we forge our way forward.

I guess we could use the Latin to say we live in the tension of memento mori and carpe diem.

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