Working On Our Lives

Robert Pirsig introduced us to the subject matter of his story, Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance, saying, “The real motorcycle is your life.”

I have been studying the Stoics for the past several months. They have much to teach us about maintaining that “motorcycle” that is our lives.

Epictetus once said, “the subject matter of the art of living is one’s own life.”

It is now the end of November. We humans usually mark life by a calendar year. Last January we had hopes for the year. We may have detailed some spiritual and daily living practices we hoped to follow in order to become closer to our ideal self this year.

It is the beginning of time to reflect on how we’ve done this year.

How are we doing in the art of living?

What practices have we neglected?

It’s not too late to pick up those practices. Thirty days of bringing those practices into our lives will give us a good start heading into a new year.

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