First Figure Out What You Want

I’m finishing work on a talk I’m giving later today at a technology conference. Amidst the discussion of where technology has come from and where it’s going, I point out that first you need to understand where you are and where you want to go. Only then do the work.

“If I have an hour to solve a problem, I’d spend the first 55 minutes defining it and 5 minutes solving it,” Albert Einstein said.

Jesus wanted to bring people into a way of living with God, into the dominion of God, or usually translated the kingdom of God.

Who did he need to talk with to offer the invitation? Well, people who are not there, yet.

He talked about mercy before sacrifice (see Tuesday’s post) because religious leaders–people who thought they were already in the kingdom–criticized him for associating with unclean people–tax collectors and sinners.

Jesus knew what he wanted, studied what to do, then he did it.

Maybe you live in a village where everyone goes to the same church. But maybe you live in a world where many different kinds of people live. You want to introduce them to living under the dominion of God. Whom do you associate with?

Do you only associate with people like you and wish (pray) for others to join you? Or do you join those who need the help and do the work?

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