Navigating The Shoals of Extremes

“We have not understood the need to chart a middle course through the shoals of extremes. Rather, we delight in subjecting ourselves to such extremes. This is not the path of (discernment).”

That quote is from a discussion of the Desert Fathers St. Anthony and John Cassian. Reading the quote took me into a deep dive both of Latin and spiritual seeking to understand. Cassian talked about discernment (the power of choosing our way with discretion-Latin discretio).

The writer of the discussion continues, “We have become saturated in ineffectual decorative feelings and activities without aim.”

I am not sure why my eyes were brought to this passage. Was it the extreme of emotions of the recently completed (thank God) political campaign season? Was it because I need a message to remind me of the need to discern the way? To remember to navigate through the shoals with a strong inner spiritual life? Not blown into the rocks of extreme emotions or aimless activities?

Reading ancient spiritual leaders reminds me always to ground myself in the spirit of God.

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