The God of the No Testament

When you hear or read the word “God”, what comes to mind?

A picture? An emotion? A picture and an emotion?

Andy Stanley is currently teaching to those who have left church or a relationship with God because the “God” they were taught and are living with is the “God of the No Testament.”

Maybe I like the series because he brings together things I’ve pondered and written about for years.

My favorite is what I call the “vending machine” god. You drop in a couple of prayers and god dispenses whatever button you pushed. Want a healing? Done. Want a new relationship? Ka-ching. Win the lottery? (Only one from among millions who prayed to this god was answered in the ultra mega billions lottery last night according to news I saw this morning.)

He also talks about “boyfriend (or girlfriend) god.” God who is always around you. Those of us who have lived the life know that sometimes God seems distant and removed.

Or guild god”. He (and his followers who taught you) make you feel guilty about everything you do.

Maybe you are still affected by one or more of these false gods.

Maybe practicing the disciplines of study, prayer, meditation, worship we all come to acknowledge the one true creator God.

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