What Do You Do When Schedules Go Awry

Yesterday’s schedule was killed with an unexpectedly long Tuesday that returned me to my hotel room about midnight.

A project–really three projects–is going down. What should have been just cruising at this point is more like a sailboat in a hurricane.

Rather than my usual discipline of writing at 6:30 am, today it’s 12 CDT and I’m at the Chicago airport awaiting my delayed flight to Dayton. Only 40 minutes. Not bad.

So I look at my projects plus my regular research and writing plus answering a bunch of emails. What to do?

I look at the mass of problems, then take some deep breaths.

Then tackle one thing at a time.

Contact this person. Contact the next. Compile information, contact the next person.

Think through one problem; reach a conclusion; take action.

Then the next.

I’ve been up 7 hours and been able to accomplish a lot notwithstanding a short nap on the last flight and grabbing a quick lunch.

You can get overwhelmed and flustered.

Better is looking at the list and tackling one thing at a time.

One Response to “What Do You Do When Schedules Go Awry”

  1. josephruizjr Says:

    Grace and peace I understand

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