To See Others

The Scottish poet Robert Burns wrote about the gift of God to ourselves as others see us.

The other side of that is to see others as they see themselves.

My favorite news, Axios, contained this item is last night’s newsletter:

What Men Don’t See

Three high-profile murders in recent months shared two common factors: 1) The victims were women engaged in physical activity outdoors; 2) They were killed by men, seemingly at random.

Why it matters: The past few years, most recently the #MeToo movement, have exposed a major gap in what men know about what women face — and the common knowledge women are taught about how to deal with these dangers.

Between the lines: It’s not a new phenomenon for women to feel unsafe being outdoors by themselves. But recent instances are reminders of how often women feel targeted or singled-out in a variety of settings, even those that are most familiar.

I’ve talked with a few women at the park in the morning when I’m out for a run. While I think I’m watchful, they point out an entirely different level. There are several who never make eye contact when we meet.

I think I understand. I have empathy for others. But can I fully.

A further gift is to see others as they see themselves.

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