Patience and Anger Cannot Cohabit

“For the Lord lives in patience, while the devil lives in an angry temper.”

I’m reading in another very early Christian text, The Shepherd of Hermas. This teaching talks about how one substance can corrupt another. And how unfortunate it is for a person to have patience but also allow anger to also live within.

How do we apply this?

I’m working on a project. It involves dealing with about 200 people on one side and many teams and schools on the other. It’s my annual job of assigning referees to soccer games.

There are as many variables as there are personalities.

This year I had 65 openings one week into the season. Thanks to storms rolling through at inopportune times, people deciding not to certify at the last minute, injuries, and more, two weeks into the season I now have 75 openings.

Someone calls and can’t make it to a game. I have two choices. I could become angry. Or, I could suck it up and add it to the list of project tasks.

Another application. I look at the project. It appears insurmountable. How do I tackle it? One game at a time.

How do I accomplish any project? How can you accomplish any project?

Remember, the Lord lives in patience. One step at a time. Then you look up, and you’re there.

3 Responses to “Patience and Anger Cannot Cohabit”

  1. Bill Morrison Says:

    Great reminder Gary

  2. David Says:

    Thank you Gary. A reminder I needed. Today.

    By the way my daughter was a soccer referee between the ages of 16-18. She always referred boys matches. The stressful part was driving her to each match – nerves mainly. But as soon as she blew the whistle for kick-off she switched instantly from apprehensive to professional. It was a pleasure watching her at work. One step at a time.

    • Gary Mintchell Says:

      Thanks, David. Your daughter had it right. Before my biggest games, I was nervous, but once the whistle blew and my attention was completely on the game, then there is the “flow”. It’s the best feeling.

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