Signs Of Your Inner Health

Observe what comes out of your body. These things signal your health. When there is a change take notice.

James, the brother of Jesus, wrote to us to likewise watch what comes out of our mouth. These things signal the health of our heart.

We’ve been taught with stories for thousands of years about how words, once spoken, cannot be recalled. They’ve already caused hurt.

I’m amused by all the emails I receive “X desires to recall the email.” Too late. I’ve read it.

Today the “tongue” has expanded to social media.

As the old National Enquirer ad once ran, “Enquiring minds want to know.” Gain a little notoriety and someone is racing to search all your social media posts as far back as they go to get some dirt on you. Like Pink Floyd had it, people everywhere want your dirty laundry.

Sports stars posted trash talk when they were young and stupid. Suddenly, it makes headlines.

What if someone searched your social media posts? Would it reflect your heart as loving and spiritually inviting? Or, would it reveal hate, anger, fear, lust?

Ask the founder/CEO (former) of Papa John’s pizza about making crude and derogatory remarks in a meeting–that suddenly became quite public.

Watch what comes out of your mouth–or your fingers–for it signals the health of your heart. Perhaps it’s time for a change of heart?

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