Responsibility – The Other Side of the Coin

We like to shout about our freedoms. We can say whatever we want, do whatever we want, eat whatever we want.

We forget about responsibility. There are many things we say that are irresponsible. They spread lies, hatred, divisiveness. Doing whatever we want may cause harm to others or the environment we all live in. Many of us are packing more than a few extra pounds on our frames because we are not responsible about what we eat.

Priest and theologian Oscar Romero said, “How easy we find it to condemn structural injustice, institutional violence, and social sin! All that is quite real, but where are the sources of that social sin? They are in the heart of every person. Modern-day society is an anonymous society in which nobody accepts blame but everybody is responsible.”

Yes, years after he wrote these words, we are even worse about running around shouting condemnation of others without acknowledging our own responsibilities.

It always comes back to the status of our hearts.

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