Stillness of the Soul

And the winner is…The 2017 most downloaded app in the Apple App Store (and I think the most dollars in sales) is the app Calm.

Suddenly psychologists and therapists have discovered how beneficial to physical and mental health is the practice of mindfulness or stillness.

Many of us have known that for years. Forty-some years of practice of stillness changes your life.

We now use phrases such as “monkey brain” to discuss how hard it is to settle down our thoughts. The very ancient tradition of stillness took pains to identify the components of the monkey brain. That is what John Climacus has been teaching us.

When we win the fight over the array of evil thoughts and desires, we can truly begin to sink into stillness.

Brave and determined thinking is a friend of stillness. It is always on watch at the doors of the heart, killing or driving off invading notions.

Stillness is also the gateway to true prayer. It begins with calming the body and mind. It adds perspective. It allows awareness of the whispers from God.

Begin and end the day in stillness and one day you will look back and be amazed at your growth.

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