Pride Is A Denial of God

The Church Fathers sometimes separated vainglory and pride as two different failings. They saw vainglory as the mother of pride in the sense that you start out a little bit and then take the plunge.

Others combined the two in the list of deadly sins.

Pride is deadly. John Climacus declared pride as a denial of God. That makes it the brother of blasphemy.

Who among us likes it when someone criticizes us? I’m betting none. But some of us will listen sooner or later and be the better for it.

“To reject criticism is to show pride, while to accept it is to show oneself free of this fetter.”

Pride is insidious. It enters us slyly. Perhaps it begins when someone compliments us. Then we get what we call a “big head.” Then we think we have all the answers. Perhaps we think we are now perfect. Without realization, we have left God behind.

We are the center of the universe.

Until the fall, that is. As the Proverb says, Pride goes before the fall.

It takes great self-awareness to even recognize pride in ourselves. Perhaps an event that serves as a slap in the face.

Pride makes us forget our sins, for the remembrance of them leads to humility.

Beware false humility. Some may seem humble through a quiet demeanor. But pride lurks below the surface.

Humility is not weakness. It takes strength to oppose pride and put others before ourselves. Only in developing the habit and character of humility will we conquer pride.

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