On Poverty or Where Is Your Heart

No, not poverty in the sense we use it. This would be one of the vows of the religious. To give up worldly goods.

“The poverty of the monk is resignation from care.” (John Climacus)

At what point in our lives does accumulation of possessions and wealth cause worry and distraction.

Do we worry about losing them?

Do we worry about getting more?

Do we worry that someone has more?

After all, Jesus taught us to beware possessions’ hold on us. That our heart may be inclined toward God rather than material possessions.

Writers in the Bible call this idolatry. The worship of things rather than the spiritual God.

It’s not that we are to have no possessions. We just need to beware being possessed by our possessions.

This spiritual infirmity is related to Gluttony, Avarice, and Insensitivity.

We can easily reflect on the power of these to ruin our lives.

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