Starting Strong In Your Spiritual Journey

“You have to show them you are in charge from the first day, or else you will lose control of them for the year.”

My undergraduate degree was in Liberal Arts with classes in math and science, literature and philosophy, and international politics. No classes in teaching.

My first job out of college was…teaching. Seventh grade history and writing. At a Catholic school. I’m a Protestant.

The only advice I received was the sentence quoted above.

I survived. Somehow. Never taught in a school again. Although I have been a teacher my entire adult life in one thing or another.

John Climacus has similar advice for those beginning a spiritual journey.

It is detestable and dangerous for a wrestler to be slack at the start of a contest, thereby giving proof of his impending defeat to everyone. Let us have a firm beginning to our religious life, for this will help us if a certain slackness comes later. A bold and eager soul will be spurred on by the memory of its first zeal and new wings can thus be obtained.

And he concludes his comments on this first rung of the ladder of divine ascent:

Who, then, is the faithful and wise monk? It is the man who has kept unquenched the warmth of his vocation, who adds fire each day to fire, fervor to fervor, zeal to zeal, love to love, and this to the end of his life.

Why have a morning routine that includes study, prayer, meditation, and exercise? It helps us add these things daily.

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