The Companion of Fools Suffers Harm

Like a scene from a late ’50s movie.

Three guys. Hanging out on a downtown street corner. Wearing the uniform of the day–blue jeans, white T shirt, pack of cigarettes rolled into one sleeve. Plenty of hair creme combed into slicked back hair. Cigarette dangling loosely from the corner of the mouth. Motorcycle in background. Bored. Nothing good will happen.

Every day for the past week when I go to the park to exercise I pass three male Mallard ducks. Unusual. They are always in pairs. Maybe three couples. Never three males alone. They form a little circle. They scrunch down. They watch almost bored not moving as someone approaches. I think of this scene from an old movie (James Dean?).

And I think of this saying from Proverbs:

Walk with the wise, for the companion of fools suffers harm.

One Response to “The Companion of Fools Suffers Harm”

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