Morning Routines

We fall into morning routines whether intentionally or not.

We can waken to an alarm, rush around, grab a breakfast bar to eat in the car, and hurry out to work.

We can train ourselves to rise without an alarm early enough so as to avoid rushing. Read something inspirational. Meditate. Eat something healthy. Be ready for the day.

People who have asked a wide variety of people about their morning routines find that successful people have definite, intentional routines. Curiously, for the most part executives rise early and exercise and prepare for the day. Creative types, for example writers, rise early and write then exercise a little later.

I have a routine for when I’m home and one for when I travel. The difference is that when I travel I need to fit into the rhythm of the conference or host or vacation or whatever.

I never use an alarm (exception, catching an early flight or have an early meeting following a late night). Make coffee. Read and meditate. Do some writing. Eat a light breakfast. Exercise.

And I have a routine for exercise. These warmer days, I head to a local park to walk or run. Then the Y. Three days I do strength training. Everyday 15-30 minutes of Yoga. Then the sauna.

Twice this week, the fitness center at the Y has been crowded with someone on almost every machine. Yesterday, I looked at the possibility of standing around waiting for a machine to free up. Decided not to wait. Went up to the running track area where I do Yoga on the mats. Already out of sorts, I blew that off and went straight to the sauna.

All day I was unsettled. Couldn’t sit and focus at all until preparing for an interview late in the afternoon.

Amazing how creativity and deep work actually craves order and routine. Body, heart, mind, soul–they all need to live in harmony. Throw out one, and all of you is out of balance.

3 Responses to “Morning Routines”

  1. josephruizjr Says:

    I can really relate. I know I need to get back to yoga. My wife and I had a wonderful leader but when she left our gym we stopped. Can you recommend any good videos with some basics? We felt so much better when we did it occasionally rested better etc. Of course you already know this! ;-). Thanks for sharing.

    • Gary Mintchell Says:

      I meant to ask my class last night, but got distracted (thanks for the word of the day today Jon Swanson at by a new student. My wife likes Yoga with Adriene on YouTube. I know one woman liked a video by Rodney Yee—she kept telling me what he could do that I don’t 😉 Find a habit to fit it in somewhere in the day.

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