Getting Perhaps a Moral Result With Immoral Actions

A TV series featuring detectives solving old cases (from England) shows the detectives narrowing in on the motive and people involved in killing someone. The motive they are uncovering concerns revenge for past wrongs.

People vote for a publicly immoral political candidate hoping for a morsel of moral outcome from that candidate.

These explore an ancient conundrum. Does the end justify the means?

If we put this in Biblical terms, is it OK to break God’s Law now hoping for a result that might glorify God?

Asked another way–

When I begin to do immoral things, how long before I am intentionally immoral? What happens when I am an intentional sinner (to use a church word)?

Paul the Apostle asked, “Should I sin more in order to receive more grace?” He said, “No.”

God told kings who tried that tactic he wasn’t happy because–they didn’t rely on him.

Peter drew his sword to protect Jesus on the night of the arrest. He struck and wounded one of the arresting group. Jesus told him to put away the sword and went on to heal the wounded victim. That was not the right “means”. The cross was the right “means.”

I have been amazed since I was quite small that so many people who profess great faith in God have so little confidence that God wins in the end.

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