My body has adapted to sleeping in four different time zones over the past two weeks. I’ve slept in Germany, Ohio, Nevada, again in Ohio, Illinois, and (last night) in Ohio.

I met many nice and intelligent people, renewed old acquaintances, saw four great baseball games (OK, they were 10 year olds, but with more joy at playing than major leaguers), saw family.

This morning I’m contemplating this post and thinking about doing business with men who go out of their way to proclaim being Christian all the while owing me money, going back on agreements, and other nefarious deeds.

Then I look out the window. The flowering trees are in full bloom. There was a rose-breasted Grosbeak in the bird feeder. A little larger than our normal visitor, startlingly contrasted white and black with the beautiful rose breast. They are not frequent visitors. A delightful greeting.

Many people say they hate Mondays. Maybe they really do. I like Mondays. Starting a new week. Wonder what good I can do this week especially after a start like this.

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