Prioritize Your Day

Do you know what you need to do today? Something that will move you closer to your goals? Serve someone? Enlighten someone?

Let’s see if this describes the experience of someone you know.

First thing in the day, you say, “I’ll just glance through email to see if there is any important information that came through last night.” Then, maybe, “Just let me glance through my Twitter feed.”

Then maybe an hour later all momentum for the day is gone.

I try to look at spiritual disciplines here. But spiritual disciplines, rightly understood, must become part of daily life in the world. Thinking through this, I thought of the story of the monk I wrote about the other day. You know the type–physical labor is beneath me, yet I still want to eat.

I use a task manager called Nozbe. I dump every thought into it of things that I need to do. Some things need to be done today, others can wait. It has a function called “Priority” where you can mark the things that are important.

Two things are important disciplines:

  1. Do a weekly review to scan the entire list, make any additions, and then prioritize tasks.
  2. Every evening just before sleep or every morning before the daily news (if you must) and definitely before email, Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook (if you are still there), write in you journal (yes, pen and paper) the most important task for the day. Not urgent…important. Maybe do also numbers two and three. If you finish those, then you can return to the app and choose the next most important task.

Work on these priorities during the time of the day when you are most alert and sharpest. Then check and reply to emails, Twitter, and the like. Although for some of us Twitter is work. So it may be a most important task for 15 minutes or so early on.

One Response to “Prioritize Your Day”

  1. josephruizjr Says:

    Thanks Gary I am trying to be more disciplined using Nozbe. I like the idea of the placeholder, frees up thinking space and keeps one from forgetting too!

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