Saying Yes When You Want To Say No

A good way to become overwhelmed and unproductive is to say yes too many times. It’s OK to say yes and do things, but sometimes we say yes too readily without considering the long term effects or the cumulative time sink of too many yeses.

I’m at the world’s largest manufacturing trade show. Stopped by a booth and saw someone I know. He asked me about taking on a project.

Someone asked my wife about our taking on a project. She said yes; I said OK.

Someone invites me to a conference where I should be able to make contacts that could lead to new business. I say yes.

There will come a point where I’ve said yes too many times. And then all the work will come due at once (Murphy’s Law).

And I’ll be overwhelmed and have to work my way out.

Sometime a yes is good. It opens up new possibilities for service or business (which is service).

Sometimes we have too many of those yeses.

Be careful how many times you say yes.

One Response to “Saying Yes When You Want To Say No”

  1. josephruizjr Says:

    Great advice. I face the same challenge with my Kindle! Too many “yeses” on the I need to read list. 😉

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