A Matter of Morals

“Money and morals seldom go together.”

Nero Wolfe, fictional “genius” and eccentric private detective created by Rex Stout, summarized the case after the culprit of the murders was identified. It was a case of international intrigue with many international competitors trying to get their hands on a country’s natural resources. Sounds pretty modern rather than 60-some years ago.

(Wife is traveling. Late in the evening I’m binge-watching the Nero Wolfe series conceived by Timothy Hutton–one of the best adaptations of novels I’ve ever seen. He filmed these with a great ensemble cast from around 2001 to 2003. Really brings the stories to life.)

Read the Bible with an eye on its instructions about how to live with-God lives. Discover how often handling money comes up. Proverbs, Gospels, letters.

Beyond that, reflect on how often in general do we put theory over practice–believing the right things over doing the right things. Do we put politics above morals? Money above morals? How we talk about other people above how we are to act toward other people?

Acting on a solid moral foundation is hard. Maybe that is why we so seldom do it. And how often we are blind to our own lack of it.

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