Answer The Question Why Not How

Tony Robbins, self-help guru and master of the infomercial, when peppered with questions from an over-energetic interviewer “How did you do that” and again “How did you do that”, finally responded, “Don’t ask how, ask why.”

In Lean Thinking, we ask why five times to get to the root cause of a problem–called 5 Whys.

Why do I meditate?

To become mindful.

Why do I become mindful?

To become calmer, reduce stress effects.

Why do I become calmer?

Health benefits, more appropriate response to life.

Or you can apply it to your organization or business. Maybe like this–

We can ask “How can we grow?”.

And then we get lost in details.

Or we can ask “Why do we want to grow?”

To reach more people.

Why do we want to reach more people?

To help them with our product or service?

Now we are focusing on our customer, not on us or on mindless details. Assuming we have an appropriate product or service, focusing on others will lead to growth.

Why do I write this blog to only reach a few thousand people (instead of millions)? Good question. 😉

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