Treating Our Bodies As If It Were The Temple Of The Spirit

Sometimes it seems that if 20 nutritionists were gathered in a room there would be 40 opinions about what to eat or not to eat.

I have a couple of fitness certifications and read and listen to nutrition and fitness podcasts. There’s a lot of advice out there. And, like they say, talk is cheap.

Or, like the quote I found to finish last night’s Yoga class, “What you believe doesn’t make you a good person, how you behave does.”

And how you take care of your body matters more than what advice you believe. Check out the opening chapters of the Book of Daniel in the Old Testament, for example.

Therefore, as a spiritual discipline, let us take care of ourselves. Here are some generally agreed upon bits of advice

  • Drink water. Other fluids are good and necessary, too, but make water the go-to drink. It replenishes the body, gives you energy, flushes out toxins, helps the kidneys. And probably a lot more.
  • Cut out carbs that are high on the Glycemic Index. Cakes, pies, candy bars, donuts–gone. There’s conflicting advice on grains. Some believe we shouldn’t eat them at all. However, civilization didn’t begin until humans could cultivate and store grain. And, they are a source of energy. Eat fermented or slow-cooked whole grains for a small part of your diet.
  • Eat lots of vegetables–especially green, leafy vegetables. Those are especially good for your brain. Fruit is good, but remember fruit is sugar. So eat some. The fiber helps slow down the sugar intake and reduce insulin spikes. Fruit juice is sugar rich, so limit those. Nuts are a fantastic food. Make nuts one of your go-to snacks in mid-afternoon.
  • Get plenty of good, sound sleep. 7-8 hours for most of us. More for some. Water and sleep are perhaps the top two requirements.
  • Manage stress. Find ways to eliminate outside stressors. Quit that job if necessary. End toxic relationships. Practice meditation (prolonged meditation helps you look younger!). Try Yoga or Tai Chi.
  • Move. Walking is great. If you’re fit, or want to be, running is good, too. Many chemicals in your body need movement for effectiveness. Obsess over your FitBit steps, if you must.
  • Dark chocolate and a glass of red wine are a healthful end to a nice meal.

Time to head to the gym. 😉

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