Take Time To Stop And Breathe

We are in another cycle of shouting–different topic, same emotion. We shout “hooray for our side” on our social media, watch our favorite mass media, get all worked up. It is a self-reinforcing cycle of hype and emotion. Media and social media companies study how to keep the cycle going so that they earn the all-important attention of users/viewers. It’s all about money.

We learn that snack companies have chemists working on non-nutritive enhancers that exist only to cause addiction–we won’t be able to “eat just one.” It’s all about money.

Humans have a region of taste that craves sweet. Food processors add sugar or sugar substitutes in order to make their product more appealing. We eat more, they add more. Next thing we know it’s a self-reinforcing cycle. We get fat. Food processing companies make a profit. It’s all about money.

Jesus advised us to beware of whom we serve.

He thought that serving God first was a better idea.

When we step back and take a breath, we can gain perspective. We can make better choices.

Maybe we can love and understand rather than shout.

Maybe we can choose how we use social media–and how much.

Maybe we can make better food choices and live healthier lives.

Maybe living with-God is a better idea. It leads to other attitudes like love, joy, peace, forbearance, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control. A better way of life.

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