Sometimes Life Requires A Shift From Us

Contemplate the tea kettle.

Traditionally the place provided for your hand is directly center. When you tilt the kettle filled with boiling water thinking of the delicious coffee or tea you are about to brew, your hand goes directly over the spout. You experience anything from discomfort to mild burning pain from the steam directly below your hand.

Shift your hand to the back, and now it is out of harm’s way.A simple shift of geometry, solves a problem. Maybe a little weird looking–or maybe that’s modern?–but interesting function.

Sometimes life presents us with a challenge, or opportunity, or dilemma.

Sometimes a shift in attitude gives us a different perspective. We discover where to go for help. Or we see from another’s perspective. Maybe we see that what we thought was a challenge is really an opportunity just by a gentle shift in attitude. Maybe that person we scorn and say derisive things to or about we can see in a different way through a gentle shift in attitude.

Try it. Perhaps you’ll like it. Discernment, and then wisdom.

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