It Is All In The Doing

Do or do not. There is no try. –Yoda

It is an easy trap to fall into.

Talking, that is.

Back in the day when I often sang Christian folk songs, there was this one that went, “They will know we are Christians by our love.”

That is a direct reference to the words of Jesus.

He didn’t say, you will know we are Christians by our political shouting. Or by our going around telling people how to behave like Christians (which then we don’t do). He didn’t say you’ll know my followers by the congregation they attend where everyone agrees on the same propositions.

It’s when you look at a person who has spent years doing small tasks to make other people’s lives better and think, “Wow, that person is really full of face.”

It’s the person who finds ways to search out and heal someone else.

It’s the person who slips a little extra money into an envelop to help an orphanage.

It is the guide or mentor.

A follower of Jesus looks like Jesus. That’s how you know. They choose to do.

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