Becoming The Kind of Person I Want To Be

Are you the kind of person who makes New Year’s Resolutions?

Either the week of January 8 or January 15 will witness my Yoga class attendance double in size.

By the week of January 29, back to normal.

I have experienced this for 16 years.

Sometimes there is a second rush the second week of February for a week when the procrastinators get around to joining the Y.

I once followed the self-help gurus’ advice. I can remember the list of 10 or so goals I’d write in my planner every January. My weight never came down. I never wrote that (unspecified) book. I didn’t become president of the company (kept working for companies that went out of business or had closed ownership).

Then I digested the New Testament.

What kind of person do you want to be? This is where you begin. Maybe put a couple of pictures at your desk or inside your journal. Or visualize someone.

When you make decisions during the year, bring that picture to mind. Here are a couple of suggestions.

“I am a fit and healthy person.” Then when faced with a decision about going to the gym or not, see the picture. Or faced with a decision of what to eat, make the right choice. Decisions establish habits. Proper habits keep us on track.

“I am a person who constantly learns.” So I read a lot. From a large variety of authors, subjects, fields.

Finally, be a grateful person. I just heard Michael Hyatt quote someone, “You won’t get what you want until you are grateful for what you have.”

See you in 2018.

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