Give Yourself A Gift

How about giving yourself a gift that keeps on giving? Further, it benefits everyone around you.

The gift of health. At least, the best you can be.

I got this graphic from James Altucher. He’s weird. He interviews interesting people on his podcast show.

Thanks to him, I now listen to Shawn Stevenson. At 18 he was shown an x-ray of his spine. He had the spine of an 80-year-old. Eventually, he made a decision. He has a degree in nutrition. He started eating well. He started working out. He interviews people on The Model Health Show podcast.

Wonder what I listen to when I’m exercising?

You can make a decision.

Sometimes you need a trigger. I have a locker at the Y. Every work day that I’m in town I go to the gym. I meditate in the sauna. You only need 10-15 minutes of meditation to set up the entire day. The sauna is healthy. I shower and dress for the day. That’s the trigger. The Y is where I go to get ready for work.

This chart contains some good advice.

My gift to you. Merry Christmas.

9 rules of health

One Response to “Give Yourself A Gift”

  1. Eddie Says:

    Good health comes from conscious repetitive actions that eventually become habits. Early morning is my fav personal time which I own. And I spend it running & letting my mind flow freely (meditate). My best days are the days I stick to my routine. As for food. Read Michael Pollan’s Food Rules.

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