Observing With Your Heart Leads To Seeing

This week is the first week of Advent. I have been looking at this as a time of rising awareness of the meaning of the celebration of Jesus’ coming.

We talked of having our eyes open.

I’m reading in the gospel of John. In chapter 20 he describes the events immediately following the crucifixion. Jesus was killed on the day before the Sabbath. Then there was the Sabbath. Then there was the day after, when the Jews could move around again.

Mary goes to the tomb. It’s empty. She runs to Peter and John. They run to the tomb. John looks in. Peter goes in. Then John also goes in.

The words and story change from John’s first looking from the outside to when he goes in and observes.

It is at this point that understanding of the “big picture” begins to sink in.

“Looking, they do not see.” That happens to us all the time. We’ve seen it a hundred times. Or, worse, our mind is diverted. Images come into our eyes but they are not comprehended by our minds and our souls.

This Advent, let us be watchful so that seeing, we believe.

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