There are rhythms to life. I had training as a percussionist as a child and had a time with the University of Cincinnati band. I was trained in rhythms.

So I notice.

I have a rhythm to my normal life. But traveling enforces its own. My daughter has a rhythm similar to mine. But I’m at my son’s. They have a different one. I can’t stay up until 12 CST and get up at 5:30 EST. Next week I will be in Madrid. The country of Spain has its own rhythm.

It may be one reason that the time from Thanksgiving to New Years has so many of us feeling “out of sorts”.

Our rhythm of life changes.

We try to pack in extra–visits, parties, lunches, gift shopping, travel.

No wonder that sometimes our bodies and our psyche rebel.

We’ve no doubt forgotten some basics because of the changing rhythms. When you go from a steady beat like from Handel that mirrors the body’s heart beat to a Bossa Nova, well, you’re going to notice a change.

The best course is to take a deep breath and enjoy the new rhythm while it lasts.

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