Energy For The Christian Life

Remember the old advertisement for a sugary soda, “The pause that refreshes”?

I was thinking about that attitude while thinking about our American holiday of Thanksgiving we will celebrate tomorrow. “Let us pause and give thanks…OK, carve the turkey.”

Rather we should let this natural rhythm of our calendar remind us to cultivate gratitude and thanksgiving as an intimate part of our waking life. Gratitude and thanksgiving indeed are the energy that drives a Christian life.

Energy seems to be a bit cyclical, like ocean waves on the beach that come and go.

It’s not the pause. It’s returning to the source (God) to rejuvenate our energy.

We need these rhythms of the calendar to remind us of things. Ancient peoples knew this.

If we are slipping into today’s culture of the world which is entitlement–“I deserve it”–it is time to let the rhythm of the seasons bring us back to God to refuel our gratitude energy supply.

One Response to “Energy For The Christian Life”

  1. josephruizjr Says:

    I am thankful for this post and your insights thanks for this labor of love it’s part of my daily devotions Grace and Peace Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family Gary

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